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Discover 12 days of timeless elegance and claim exclusive Early Bird Privileges

  • Personalised Wax Seal Set (Stamp, Wax and Melting Spoon in a Linen Pouch

  • Porcelain TownHouse Candle holder

  • Classic Soy Candle 90g

  • Travel Essentials Tin Candle 150g

  • Organic Room Spray 10ml

  • Handmade Soap 100g

  • Christmas Wish Essential Oil Blend 10ml 

  • Essential Oil Blend 10ml

  • Clay Diffuser 100g

  • Wick Trimmer, Rose Gold

  • USB Lighter

  • Royce Chocolates


Bespoke Engraved Wax Seal Stamp for a uniquely festive touch of elegance


Discover the epitome of personalized gifting with our Advent Calendar, now featuring a unique touch – a personalized wax seal stamp that can be engraved with the recipient's name (up to 6 characters). What could be better than a gift tailored to your loved one? Thoughtful and unique, it lets you express that your loved ones are truly one-of-a-kind.


Crafted with natural fragrances and devoid of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, each product epitomizes excellence.  Indulge your senses by handpicking your preferred scents for candles, organic room spray, and essential oils. Whether you're acquainted with our collection or venturing into new aromatic realms, this calendar unfolds 12 opportunities for moments that linger far beyond the festive season. Discover the harmonious blend of quality and choice in every aromatic moment.


  • 10% Off the Unit Price: Seize the season's savings with a generous 10% discount on our enchanting 12 Days Advent Calendar

  •  Personalized Wax Seal Stamp: Receive a customized wax seal stamp, beautifully engraved with the recipient's name (up to 6 characters)

  • Tailored Delivery Experience: Choose your delivery date at your convenience. Early birds enjoy our complimentary Specified Date Delivery, valued at $18

  • Thyme Bergamot & Rosehip: Be among the first to experience our new and popular scent! Receive a complimentary organic room spray in the enchanting Thyme Bergamot & Rosehip fragrance, worth $20


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– From Luxury Reed Diffuser Gift Set and opulent Luxury 3 Candles Gift Set to the captivating Organic Room Spray Discovery Set. Unleash your creativity with our unique Gift Builder or elevate your gesture with a thoughtfully curated Bespoke Hamper... and more.

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