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Artisan of Sense is based in the vibrant and energetic city of Singapore.  We proudly present our handcrafted candles and beautiful goods with a sophisticated blend of natural and luxury.  Made of eco-friendly soy wax from US-grown soybeans, which produce a clean, steady and beautiful flame.  To ensure that every candle of an unmatched quality, we select 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from plant that are uniquely fresh and uplifting.  Our artisanal candles also contain natural lead-free cotton wicks.  No phathlates, no  parabens, no sulphates, no animal testing or toxins.  Just LOVE.

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I am very blessed to have a loving family with two young children.  This picture was taken right after I picked my 7 years old son from school.  I felt that my son’s playfulness brought out and captured the happiness in me and why my family means so much to me. 
I want to share this happiness to everyone who appreciate and see the world as I do.  Balance is where I start to weigh in on how I bring this family together.  Balance of care, love, and consideration in my life but there is more to it.  In my family, the sense of fragrance expression harmonize of mood and our spirit as one.  I am a true believer that bringing this additional element to a living environment, it aligns our mind, body and soul, connecting us with what the natural world has to offer.  The spiritual bond with the natural smell and fragrance the world was created with.
My dream is to bring this new dimension to every living space so that we can appreciate the gift of nature as it is intended.

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