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People love to use scented candles in their home and for great reason! Not only do they make your space smell nice, they also help contribute to the overall atmosphere in your home. Although you can use scented candles nearly anywhere, here are the top three places to try them out.


  In Your Bedroom


Using scented candles in your bedroom is a great way to energize yourself in the morning, or relax at night so you can sleep better. Essential oil infused candles are ideal for this area. You can choose mood-boosting scents like citrus, or relaxing scents such as lavender.



  In Your Bathroom


Candles can be a must-have item in the bathroom. It's best to use odor eliminating scents such as citrusy and herbs. Of course, you can also choose a relaxing scent while enjoying a soak in the tub.


  In Your Living Room


The living or family room is an ideal place to burn lively scents. To relieve stress and improve mood, burn a candle at night while you're reading, watching Netflix or winding down in the evening.

Essential oil infused candles have ability to allow the stressed out and over-worked person an opportunity to create a relaxing environment. At the same time, awareness over air quality and health conditions such as asthma and allergies led to the exploration for a more safe and healthy, environmentally friendly scented candle.

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