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  UNIQUE SCENTS  Scents: Reed Diffusers and

Wood Wick Candles

You've likely already heard of scented candles and know how much they can really improve a space. But did you know there are other ways to get the same great scents? Here are two non-traditional items to help you bring a beautiful scent to your home.


  Reed Diffusers


Reed diffusers typically come in the form of a glass jar or other container that holds a scented liquid. Then there are long, skinny sticks, called reeds, that sit in the jar and protrude outward into the room. They are typically 8-12 inches tall and emit the chosen scent just as well as a candle does, but without the open flame. This is great if you live in a dorm room or work in an office where you are not allowed to have candles.


  Wood Wick Candles


A traditional candle has a wick that is made out of braided cotton. As you can maybe guess, wood wick candles have wicks that are made out of wood. The benefit of this type of wick is that it makes a crackling noise while it is burning. Many people associate this sound with that of a bonfire or fireplace. It can be a great way to get that feeling in your home without having to start a large, dangerous fire.


Whether you choose traditional candles, reed diffusers, or wood wick candles, you're getting a great scent that will really improve the atmosphere in your home. Each has their own different benefits but since they're so affordable, you can easily try them all and decide which one you like the best.

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