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When you're exhausted from work, exercise, or spending the night out with family or friends, you want a relaxing place to come back to. Here are a few great ideas for making your bedroom feel like a lush retreat.


  Dim the Lights


See if you can install a dimmer switch instead of a regular light switch. Then, you'll need to use dimmable light bulbs in your light fixtures. This allows you to adjust the amount of light in the room so you can dim it at night as you try to fall asleep, while still having enough light to relax or read with.



  Go For Soft Sheets


Make your bed a plush cloud you can't wait to fall into. Purchase higher thread count sheets, a down comforter, and extra soft pillows to decorate your bed. You can even add throw pillows and blankets for extra softness at the end of the night. Just make sure it's not too comfortable or you won't be able to get up in the morning!



  Add Your Favorite Scent


Using luxury candles or organic room sprays in your bedroom is a great way to build an oasis in your home that you can completely sink in to. You can choose your own favorite scents, or stick to ones that you know bring comfort and relaxation such as lavender and vanilla.



Your home should be your sanctuary and your bedroom should be the ultimate retreat at the end of the day. Use these tips to make it your own safe and comfortable place and you might never want to leave!

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