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Traditional candles are often made from paraffin which is the residue left over from oil refining. The problem with them is that their soot includes carcinogens, such as toluene and benzene, and toxic chemicals, like methyl ethyl ketone and naphthalene. If you're looking for a healthier option, all natural candles are the way to go. Here are a few reasons to choose handcrafted soy candles the next time you're shopping.


1. Soy candles burn longer than traditional candles. You can get many more hours of great scent enjoyment from a soy candle than from a traditional paraffin candle. Although soy candles tend to be higher priced than traditional ones, you're certainly getting your money's worth when you choose this option.


2. Soy candles are a renewable resource. Paraffin comes from oil and we only have a limited amount of it on our planet, so eventually we'll be unable to create more paraffin candles. Purchasing handcrafted soy candles is a more eco-friendly option.


3. Soy candles are healthier to breathe. When you burn a soy candle, it produces up to 90% less soot than a traditional paraffin candle which is full of harmful chemicals. This reduces the amount of indoor air pollution and gives you and your loved ones healthier air to breathe.


4. Soy candles won't damage your home. Over time, the soot from traditional paraffin candles can leave stains on your walls, upholstery, and carpets. With soy candles, you won't have this problem.


Hopefully this information has convinced you to consider all natural candles the next time you are shopping for home scents. You can even take it one step further and try to find responsibly-sourced soy candles. These can come from soybeans and should include pure essential oils for fragrance and lead-free wicks so you don't get sick when burning them.

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